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Update Telemedicine, Tele-Behavioral Pediatrics - Τηλεϊατρική και εφαρμογές στην Εφηβική Ιατρική

Donald E. Greydanus MD, Dr. HC

Founding Chair & Professor

Department of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Western Michigan University

Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

This discussion on Tele-Psychiatry focuses on a growing method of psychiatric diagnosis and management in pediatrics that utilizes electronic communication and information to provide and support clinical care which is at a distance from the consultant in psychiatry, behavioral medicine, or adolescent medicine; it can include videoconferencing. It was started in the 1960s in the United States and has grown in various states in America. Tele-Psychiatry can provide convenient, evidence-based, accessible, and relatively inexpensive care to children and adolescents in need of mental health diagnosis and management. There are a limited number of specialists in child psychiatry, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, and adolescent medicine to support the burden primary care clinicians have in helping pediatric populations with mental health needs. This discussion outlines current issues in this important arena.