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Educating and Training the Future Adolescent HealthWorkforce

Valentina Baltag, Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health, World Health Organization

Keywords: adolescent health training, quality of care, workforce

Summary: Unprecedented attention is now focused on adolescents with growing appreciation of their diseaseburden and of the opportunities of investing in adolescent health. New investments are requiredto build the technical capacity for policy, programming, research, and clinical care across the world. Strategies to educate and trainthe future workforce are needed.

The lecture will feature the findings from a systematic review that aimed to identifyhow quality education in adolescent health and medicine is determined. A conceptual framework for institutions teaching adolescent health will be presented,which can be used to assess the quality of teaching and learning and to monitor the implementationof these adolescent health competencies. A most recent initiative from the World Health Organization on using innovations to monitor the quality of health care services for adolescents will be presented.